Sheer voile fabric UK

Inbetween, semi Transparent curtains

Fairly dense curtains, if you look through the curtains from outside to inside during the day, you cannot see through them. In the evening (when the lighting in your room is on) you can only see the silhouettes of people from outside through the curtains. This is less with white inbetween curtains than with black inbetween curtains. Our inbetween curtains are room high between 280 and 306 centimeters and are finished with a lead lace. The lead lace serves to give the curtains extra weight so that it always hangs nicely in the pleat.

If you have a ceiling higher than 295 centimeters (think of a void), we will adjust the curtains for you by using the height of the curtain fabric in the width. We also wil add a new leadlace. Then use the contactform or e-mail and you will receive your quote within 24 hours.We have sheer or voile curtains up to 420 cm in height in an off white colour.

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