Product Reviews

  • Very happy

    Very happy with the beautiful Chenille Velvet / Linen curtains.
    Also with the personal contact when I had questions. Will definitely order again!

    Chenille velvet green grey
    by  Chanel Vlaanderen
  • I'm very happy with it.

    I have ordered different types of curtains from the Dien Linen look fabric, and they all look beautiful. The living room has floor-to-ceiling and wide-lined curtains that insulate well and fall beautifully. Also for the bedrooms matching curtains with rings ordered for a rod.
    Very good service and delivered on the agreed date! I'm very happy with it.

    Dien Linen look
    by  Catholijn Luteijn
  • Perfect light-tight curtains

    Since I have night shift I went for these curtains. No regrets! They drape beautifully and are completely light-tight. I now sleep like a baby during the day, Thanks Curtaincy

    Night sand
    by  Anthonie Briesen
  • The curtains are beautiful!

    I made the curtains myself from the fabric you ordered. You delivered very quickly. And the curtains are beautiful. I am very happy with it.

    Night light grey
    by  Anne van Ree
  • Nice fabric, curtains

    Oui les rideaux sont parfaits. Beau tissu. Une aide incroyablement amicale et les rideaux ont été faits rapidement. Je ne savais pas que vous pourriez aussi les avoir sur le marché. Soigneusement emballés et livrés. Je suis plus que satisfait à tous points de vue !!!

    Victoria linen light cream
    by  Carolien Van der ham
  • Nice blackout and sturdy fabric.

    After selecting the curtains for our bedroom, they were delivered exactly to size and quickly. Later we also picked curtains for my father's room. Again neatly customized and delivered even faster!
    They hang to full satisfaction.
    Nice blackout and sturdy fabric.
    I have already recommended it to different people!

    Night off white
    by  Annemiek van Kooten
  • Have fun watching the cars trains etc.

    Completely satisfied with the vehicle curtains in my son's room! Have fun watching the cars trains etc. And the lining keeps out light, heat and cold.

    Cars trains & planes
    by  Andrea Wildeman
  • They are beautiful and really black out very well.

    In the summer we were looking for good blackout curtains. At the fabric market in Utrecht I had already taken a few color samples. Once at home I wanted to test another color. After e-mail contact, I received it a few days later. Then I could easily order the curtains via the website. The curtains were delivered quickly, nicely stitched without seeing stitching! They are beautiful and really black out very well. A happy customer.

    Night sand
    by  Hanneke en Bob Dankbaar
  • I am very happy with the curtains

    Dear people,

    I am very happy with the curtains (Zenith maize yellow) that I bought from you and I am very pleased with how you made them!

  • Hang nice and perfectly made.

    In recent years have bought many curtains at Curtaincy and hang in all rooms. These light-tight antique green curtains are very satisfied with that. Hang nice and perfectly made.
    Would like to recommend Curtaincy to your next customers
    Kind regards Anna

    Night antique green
    by  Anna Meijn
  • Really beautiful and they remain beautiful

    We have already purchased gobelin curtains at Curtaincy a number of times and are very happy with it. Always a wide choice of designs. Really beautiful and they remain beautiful. In our living room we have bought gobelin curtains called Books of the world. Every evening in the dark months a party to close them. We then have the coziness of a huge bookcase in the room, which is experienced by many as very cozy and distinct. We loved it so much that we also had gobelin curtains with a canal house design made in our pantry.
    The service was great. They helped us with everything and advised us where necessary and that can be seen in the result. In a little while the bedrooms will also be next. A party to wake up then, I think.

    A very satisfied customer Herma

    by  Bert en Herma Klink
  • Upholstered swing bench

    Very happy with the fabric
    I used this beautiful gobelin fabric to cover the cushion of our swing

    Gobelin Africa savanna
    by  Anneke Nijman
  • The fabric drapes very nicely

    I bought these curtains and I certainly do not regret it! Perfectly tailored for the living room and in a double fold. Certainly a recommendation for those looking for white curtains.

  • The fabric is super soft and it is neatly made

    I would like to write a review because I am very happy with you.
    You pay a little more with you but the material is super and it is made neatly.
    The delivery time is also relatively fast.

  • I am very happy with it.

    I made the curtains myself from the fabric you ordered. You delivered very quickly. And the curtains are beautiful. I am very happy with it.

    Night antique green
    by  Anne van Ree
  • Recommended!

    Last year we ordered the blackout light green curtains at Curtaincy for our baby room. We (now the three of us!) Are very satisfied with it. The service was good and the curtains made perfectly. Recommended!

    Blackout light green
    by  Celine Buren
  • Very satisfied

    Are very satisfied with the curtains.

    Victoria linen light grey
    by  Adele Verschoor-Haan
  • Quality & curtain making is top

    We have received the ordered fabric night sand with the dimensions that we have specified. Today the blackout curtains are just as beautiful and as tight as from the first day. It goes without saying that we are very pleased with the quality of the fabric, finish and service of your company.

    Night sand
    by  Chis Slot
  • I am very satisfied with all of them.

    I have ordered several curtains. I am very satisfied with all of them. The fabric is beautiful and sturdy and the fabrication is excellent. I have enjoyed it for years. This summer I will move and if I need new curtains then I will definitely order them at curtaincy!

    by  Cynthia Nagel
  • Magnificent!!

    Yes, its beautiful !!

    Gobelin Hubertus hunting
    by  Albert Kraak
  • The fabric is beautiful and sturdy and the fabrication is excellent

    He ordenado varias cortinas. Estoy muy satisfecho con todos ellos. La tela es hermosa y resistente y la fabricación es excelente. Lo he disfrutado por años. Este verano me mudaré y si necesito cortinas nuevas, definitivamente las ordenaré en curtaincy!

    Night blue
    by  Cynthia Nagel
  • Beautiful gobelin fabric

    We are very happy with the beautiful gobelin fabric with flowers. The fabric is not used for curtains but for a wall behind our bed. Beautiful pillows are made from the remaining fabric.
    Everyone's reactions are very nice.

    Gobelin flowers
    by  Christine van der Wal
  • Very satisfied!

    We have always been very satisfied with your services! Next curtain will certainly be ordered from you again.

    Drape yellow - light velvet look
    by  Angelika Lakkis
  • We are very satisfied!

    October 26 we bought curtain fabric at curtaincy.
    The week before I had ordered the fabric for my grandson's children's room via the internet (blue fabric with all kinds of vehicles). Upon closer inspection, my son and daughter-in-law wanted more neutral material: blue / gray fabric with a blackout layer.
    This was neatly dealt with by telephone without any problem. The information was also fine by telephone!
    In the week after the pickup, the overpaid money was refunded to my account.
    We are very satisfied!

    Night Ice blue, light gray
    by  Annemarie Henfling
  • The curtains insulate perfectly.

    I am very happy with my new (door) curtains. Because our garage is attached to the house and an enormous amount of cold enters the house through the connecting door, I ordered thermo-lined curtains with the Drape light gray fabric. They are velor look and were recommended in the web shop for insulation. I expected the old-fashioned velvet curtains and it didn't really matter what they looked like. But when they were delivered yesterday (much earlier than expected), I took them out of the package and "WOW" !!!!! They are really beautiful. And more importantly, it works. The curtains insulate perfectly. Our cat has found a new place to sleep and it is now between the curtain and the door :-)
    This is the second time we have ordered curtains from Curtaincy. The previous ones have been hanging around for 10 years now and are still beautiful, despite the fact that I often put them in the washing machine. I am very satisfied.

  • The curtains are still beautiful

    The curtains are still beautiful, just like my kitchen curtains and bedroom curtains still give birth. Certainly because initially the curtains for the kitchen were supplied in the wrong fabric. This was repaired within a week and, moreover, the curtains were neatly retrieved. I can heartily recommend this address, if I need curtains or fabric again I will definitely go to Curtaincy.

    Zenith blue - velvet linen look
    by  Tineke Hesseling
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