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Corn yellow, ocher curtains, velvet curtain fabric

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Price per meter: € 9,95
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Fabric Width: 150 Centimeters

100% polyester, Does not shrink, Width: 150 cm

Zenith corn yellow - velvet linen look

€ 9.95
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    Ocher, corn, yellow, velvet curtains, coarse linen

    Ocher or dark corn yellow curtain fabric. The linen structure in the fabric gives depth and hung in the pleat makes the shade of the pleat reinforce it. The fabric is brushed, this gives a velvety soft caress of the light and makes the structure softer, creating the warm feeling that you will enjoy when you walk into a room with these curtains. Yes, we are enthusiastic about this fabric and this corn-yellow color! And then there is the fact that the fabric is easy to wash, tested in the washing machine at 40 ° C and .... shrink-free. Warmer must certainly be able to make the fabric suitable for people with a dust mite allergy. Then the lining, advice living room is not a lining as the little residual light through the fabric gives your entire interior a warm glow. You may not want this residual light in your bedroom when you need to sleep during the day, you can then select the lining fabric in the calculator.

    • Application:Curtains
    • Pleat advice: Double pleat
    • Suitable for Roman shades: Yes
    • Suitable for duvet cover: No
    • Lead Lace: not applicable
    • Light-tight measurement/blackout value: 55%
    • Composition: 100% polyester
    • Washing instructions: 40°C

    Customer Reviews

    I am very happy with the curtains
    Dear people,

    I am very happy with the curtains (Zenith maize yellow) that I bought from you and I am very pleased with how you made them!
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