Gobelin fabrics € 9.95 per meter, own import, original quality

Gobelin English roses, tulips, animals, deer, cats, dogs, butterflies, birds, elephants, giraffes, classic, romantic, hunting fabric. You can make gobelin cushions, kitchen aprons, cases, bags and coats. All fabrics are in stock.

Furniture-chair-sofa upholstery from Gobelin

Due to the coarse weaving technique and the high durability, the gobelin is suitable as furniture fabric for upholstery of furniture, such as chairs and couches for the home, in the caravan, camper or boat.

Gobelin curtains

Also called luxury castle curtains. Our gobelins are also suitable for curtains, this is stated with the fabric. Our advice for gobelin curtains is a single fold. This makes the pattern more visible, and the heavy quality makes a lining fabric superfluous.

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