FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we have a showroom in the Netherlands. Please find the details at the contact page.

How should I measure curtains?

See the page "How to Measure".

How can I have the curtains custom made?
request a quote

Am I obliged to anything when requesting a quote for my curtains?
No, all quotes are free and without obligation and are intended to help you in the best way possible.
You will receive a free no-obligation quote for your curtains within 24 hours by email.

If you accept the offer you can send us an e-mail confirmation.
We make your made to measure curtains AND we also send them to you.

How long does it take for the made to measure curtains to be delivered?
On average 12 to 15 working days.
In the calculation and in your quote we specify the exact expected date of delivery to the day!

Can I also order only the curtain fabric, curtain tape, hooks and yarns at Curtaincy?
Yes, that's possible.
Next to the shown fabric you click on the button "Only order the fabric"
You then enter your desired length in the field "Required fabric length in cm".
Click on "Order" and then pass through the ordering process.

How do I order a curtain swatches?
Next to the fabric shown, click on "swatches"
And then click on "Order".
Your swatch is placed in the shopping cart.
Your swatch will measure at least 12 x 12 cm if the fabric has a design or stripe.
Your swatch will measure at least 10 x 10 cm if the fabric has one solid colour.
The swatch gives a good impression of the desired curtains.

By using this size, you will get a good idea of what the curtains will look like.
The swatches are, as much as possible, sent in an envelope.

Why should I pay for a swatch?
We receive daily requests from customers for swatches.
You can imagine that the preparation, selection and processing of the swatches take a relatively much time.
Sending swatches for free is thus not an option.

What material are the curtain rings made of?
All rings are made of stainless steel.
Because of this, you know for sure that they will not rust after washing.

Do you also supply curtain rings suitable for a galvanised curtain rod (also known as a curtain pole)?
Yes, for this you can use 66 millimetre curtain rings. You can select these in the calculator under "Suspension method" next to your fabric.
These curtain rings are made of iron.
Stainless steel in these dimensions is not available.

Some curtains I have also seen at specialty shops, is that correct?
Yes that is correct. These are the same curtains, but we are not allowed to use the original name.

What does it cost to make curtains to measure?
request a quote

What is the delivery time of the curtain fabrics?
Delivery time is 1 to 3 days, if in stock.

How can I pay?
Payment of the made to measure curtains should always be made in advance.

We do not ship curtains/fabric with Cash On Delivery (COD).

Can I also make a deposit for my made to measure curtains or fabric?
No, we have excluded this possibility for accounting reasons.
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