Curtains made to measure

Curtains made to measure online

English flowers, animals, fruit, classical, natural and Scandinavian curtains are professionally made to measure by our workshop

English cottage flowers: Flowered curtain fabrics where the flowers are printed on the fabric like the classic English cottage flowers give a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Scandinavian curtains: The Scandinavian designs from Norway, Sweden and Finland are sleek in design, these geometric fabrics with abstract shapes are slightly lighter in color. These curtain fabrics are characterized by having a more spacious effect, mainly because light shades are used. We use only high quality cotton with quality mark.

Classic Toile de Jouy, Baroque curtains: Classic fabric such as the Toile de Jouy. The color combinations and the structure of the fabric are perfectly matched and therefore give a harmonious atmosphere in a room. The classic patterns give a feeling of trust. Of course we deliver these today in a digitally printed fabric and make it custom-made for you.

Striped curtains: Striped curtains give the effect that the room seems higher. Because striped curtain fabrics are often provided with multiple colors, they are most commonly used in the bedroom. Because of this they easily fit with the usually plain colored duvet. A light-tight lining fabric ensures your sleep.

Printing and pattern: Many of our printed curtains have been manufactured by means of digital printing. The versatility and the unlimited colors in the curtain fabrics are a big advantage. We make our own designs so we can keep prices low for you. Our fabrics can not be found in residential stores.Curtain fabrics where the fabric is printed with a design have an image which is repeated on the fabric and this is called a pattern and usually is around 32 or 64 cm. This differs per curtain fabric and is mentioned with the fabric and in the calculation of your curtains. The patterns should be made equal on the height of the pattern when making curtains so that it forms a whole. The calculator calculates this automaticly for you.

Gobelin curtains: Rich castle curtains, pattern woven quality. Smooth draping but 50% heavier than printed curtains.

Curtains made to measure online within 10 working days. Only fabrics shipping the same day.

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