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Woven curtains of 140/150 wide are on average of higher quality than the room-high curtains. The curtain fabric is put together with the patterns being kept equal. With a plain or plain curtain, this is not necessary since it does not have a curtain pattern.

The yarns are first dyed and then woven or first woven and then submerged in a dye bath. The fabric does not have a white back like with printed fabrics. You can provide the fabrics of your choice with lining for a richer end result.

Sometimes, with a linen fabric, no lining is taken to make the structure stand out better.

Uni or plain curtains give a calm image in a room because of their structure, or because of their lack of structure. The curtain fabrics are distinguished in the manner of hanging. A heavy, tightly woven fabric is flaky and a thin loose woven fabric falls very smoothly. A loose woven fabric gives more structure when the light comes through. A tightly woven fabric blocks the sunlight better. At the moment there is a lot of demand for velvet curtains. We have written an extensive report on velours (velvet) to advise you as well as possible.

With curtains you give a personal touch to the room in question.


Curtain fabrics where the fabric is printed with a design have an image which is repeated on the fabric and this is called a pattern and usually repeats around 64 cm. This differs per curtain fabric and is mentioned with the fabric and in the calculation of your curtains. The patterns should be made even when making curtains in the width so that it forms a whole.

English cottage flowers

Flowered curtain fabrics where the flowers are printed on the fabric like the classic English cottage designs give a cozy and romantic atmosphere. We import the original fabrics ourselves from England. These characteristics are because they are woven with a satin weave and therefore hang beautifully in the fold.

Scandinavian curtains

The Scandinavian designs from Norway, Sweden and Finland are sleek in design, these geometric fabrics with abstract shapes are slightly lighter in color. These curtain fabrics are characterized by having a more spacious effect, mainly because light shades are used. We use only high quality cotton with quality mark.

Classic Toile de Jouy, Baroque curtains

Classic curtains such as the Toile de Jouy can no longer be ignored. The color combinations and the structure of the fabric are perfectly matched and therefore give a harmonious atmosphere in a room. After all, the patterns have been seen before and therefore give a feeling of trust. Of course we deliver these today in a digitally printed fabric and make it custom-made for you.

Striped curtains

Striped curtains give the effect that the room seems higher. Because striped curtain fabrics are often provided with multiple colors, they are most commonly used in the bedroom. Because of this they easily fit with the usually plain colored duvet.

Dimout or blackout -Light-tight curtains

There is a difference here. After all, the term dimout fabric still contains residual light and you may guess how much it is, and 5% is soon more than you think. We have solved this problem for you by stating the Light-tight measurement/blackout value for each fabric. But as a guideline you can state how darker the material the better it obscures it. Please note, we do not have a linen look (similar) blackout because this embellished lining is too thin and allows too much light. These fabrics are less beautiful because the diagonally woven thread in the fabric pushes the pleat outwards and thus makes a larger fold at the bottom of the curtain. It is better to take a heavier, beautiful plain fabric with a densely weaved weaving technique which is nicer. For the bedroom we therefore recommend a fabric that does not allow light to pass through. These are provided with a coating (a layer behind the fabric) that is 100% light-tight. These fabrics are somewhat stiffer but take up less space than a fabric with blackout and are also a total lighter weight and considerably cheaper. On the bargain, the white back reflects the sunlight, which makes the room considerably cooler in the summer. All our light-tight curtain fabrics are completely light-tight, even the off-white ones.

Organic curtains

Natural fabric that is GOTS certified and meets all environmental requirements. Pure nature is that the fabric is not dyed, since it must then be bleached always to get a smooth finish. That's why we only have one biological fabric! But well and beautiful, the full and 375 grams/m² biofabric has an unbleached color and woven linen structure so that it comes against the light and brings a warm atmosphere. This organic curtain fabric drops very smoothly and is very suitable for a double pleat. A question we often get is whether there is a biological lining fabric for curtains, and the answer is unfortunately ... no. So for the bedroom is the environmental choise is not to use the fabric with a blackout, but then you will be woken by the sun in summer. If you do not want this then it is better to take only the 100% light-tight fabric Night (which is described above).

Children's , Kids curtains

Let your child be a child in her or his bedroom! We now see much plain fabrics in the nursery. This is probably because it can hang for years, making it cheaper in the long term, but children do not like it or it's exciting. When a child withdraws into her or his room, it must be in her or his own world. Where they feel safe. And yes, that can be with dinosaurs or farm animals. It is also nice to for example provide a high sleeper with closing curtains or make a table tent. Of course you can make a quilt from all our children's curtains. Cost-saving tip: Make the top of the duvet a nice design and make the bottom of the 100% cotton lining. Then just a little bit of science ... Primary colors like red, blue, yellow and orange give more reflection so that the developing brain can better lay their connections.


A heavy woven fabric that was originally used as a wallcover and later applied as chair upholstery and luxury curtains for castles. But Gobelin is also suitable for bags, kitchen aprons, oven mitts and tea gifs :-) The Gobelin fabric we supply is not too stiff, which makes it robust but beautiful in the fold. It also stitches easier under the sewing machine and has the same wear test, martindale value as the thicker qualities. For furniture upholstery it is perfect. We only supply patterned gobelin. Because we import directly on large meters, prices are low. Discover the Gobelin fabric and experience your creative ability!

Transparent curtains, inbetweens

Translucent, transparent curtains also called inbetweens with linnen structure are usually taken because they guarantee privacy during the day because you can not see through them from the outside in. From inside to outside is possible. This is because the light from the outside reflects on the fabric and becomes a barrier. In the evening this is reversed and then the light from the lamps in the livingroom shines on the fabric and from the outside it is easier to look inside. The light colored inbetweens such as off white or light gray block or reflect the light better and therefore keep your privacy better as you can see on the above photos. This is why we only have a few dark colored inbetweens in our assortment. All our inbetween curtains are equipped with a lead lace and are shrink free, of course they are tested in the washing machine at 30C °

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