Choosing curtains

In the report below, you can read the experience of our curtain specialist.
Take a moment so you can wisely decide what type of curtain suits you best.
There are several different suspension methods.
We can roughly divide the two main curtains into:

Eyelet curtains with stamped rings
Pleated curtains on a rail.

The pleated curtain

Single or double pleat in the curtains?
What is the difference between a single and a double pleat?

difference curtain heading single pleat vs double pleat.jpg

Single pleat

curtain heading method single pleat

The single pleat is made with one pleat; the double pleat is made with two pleats that are stitched together at the bottom.
The single pleat falls in a large fold at the bottom of the curtain.
This fold in the curtain increases with an increasing height.

We give the advice that a single pleat up to a height of 200 cm is fine.
If you would further increase the height the fold would become so big that it doesn't fall beautifully anymore.

The single pleat can be recommended for kids curtains because of its pattern, the image is then clearly visible in the kids room.
This pleat takes up less space to the side than a double pleat.
If the room is higher than 200 cm, then it is more beautiful to have the curtains made with a double pleat.
The curtains then hang more evenly.
So the higher the curtain, the more pleat is needed to let it hang beautifully.

Double pleat

curtain heading double pleat.jpg

For the curtains in the living room, we always recommend the double pleat, also called the butterfly pleat.
For bedroom and kids room curtains a single pleat is fine.
Because the rod needs to hang slightly from the wall, the curtains take up more space.

Triple pleat

curtain heading triple pleat.jpg
Luxury pleat for thin curtains, voile, sheer or inbetween fabrics.

Pleated curtains on a curtain rod with rings

pleated curtains on rings under rodDouble (butterfly) pleat
You can apply 3 different pleats.
  • Single pleat
  • Double (butterfly) pleat
  • Triple pleat (Threefold)
You can specify the number of rings you have in the comments field when placing your order (shopping cart).

Eyelet curtains (curtains with rings)

Eyelet curtains fall in the same fold at the bottom as curtains with a single pleat.
Rings are available in 3 sizes, 40m, 25mm,  66mm and in different colours.
40mm rings can be used with standard rods and 25mm rods are used for curtains on a steel wire.

curtain heading with rings.jpg

Rings 66mm are not stainless steel.

curtain heading with rings, Eyelets-66mm

Can I press the curtain rings into the curtain myself?

It is not easy to press the curtain rings into the curtains yourself.
In our workshop the circles are punched out of the curtain and the curtain rings are pressed together with 5 bar.
This makes it possible to choose lining in combination with curtain rings.

Curtains with rings and room-darkening effect.
When you are considering using the curtains with rings in the bedroom then do realise that light passes through the rings.
“Oh, that's not so much”, we regularly hear people say, but even only 1 cm around each ring is equivalent to 3.14 cm².
An average window of 200cm width requires three lanes X 8 = 24 rings X 3.14 cm² = 75 cm²!
Therefore that equals to a window of 15cm X 15cm, which results in a lot of light.
You can forget this mathematical calculation, but make sure the rod is hung at least 20 cm above the window.

Why is pressing curtains with rings more expensive?
There are ready-made solutions for curtains with stamped rings.
These rings are not made of stainless steel and are therefore cheaper.
Our rings are made of 100% stainless steel, so you can easily wash them in the washing machine.
When the rings are made of ordinary steel, they will rust and then it's a bad bargain.

Bedroom curtains

The best choice for the bedroom are usually plain curtains.
Since most people take their duvet covers with a design, but it is more beautiful to combine these with a solid-colour or plain curtains.
After all, you change your duvet cover more frequently than your curtains.

Photo below Night 100% light-tight blackout fabric
100% blackout curtain, light-tight fabric linnen look

If you need to sleep during the day (night shift), then have your curtains lined with a 100% light-tight blackout fabric.
Our 100% blackout curtains have a white back, so your room stays cool in the summer.
These light-tight curtains are made of 100% polyester, but have a matte appearance
These new blackout (light-proof) curtains with a structure are ideal for the bedroom.

With a low budget you could use blackout curtains but please remember that these cheap curtains are originally lining fabrics and do not offer the same result.
These curtains darken the room more when a darker colour is chosen.

Photo below, Standard dimout ( often called blackout ) light vanilla eclipse (actually a lining fabric).

test blackout curtain

Kids room curtains

We have room-darkening kid's curtains. These consist of a combination of kids curtains and room-darkening curtains.
The room-darkening kid's curtains do not need a blackout lining.
During the calculation you will get a pop-up warning on this matter, but it is possible nonetheless. You can then reach a 100% blackout effect.
Especially for autistic and restless children a 100% blackout effect is recommendable.
You can then decide yourself whether any light may enter the room.
After all, you can leave the curtains slightly open if desired.

If you have wish to have all possibilities, you can mount a 2 X single traverse curtain rod.
One for the blackout lining and one for the kids curtains.
This way your kid can decide what he or she likes and what makes him or her comfortable.
An additional advantage is that when you want to wash the curtains, you can leave the blackout curtains hanging.
Please select the single pleat kids curtains; this way the image shows well.

Kids,childrens curtain advice Butterfly curtain in single pleat.

Should I always line my curtains?

No, if, for example, you have a beautiful linen fabric of which you wish to preserve the structure.

Curtains and sound

A pleated curtain mutes sound.
We all know the "hollow sound" in an empty room.
After all, sound is carried by sound waves which are a reflected by walls.
By pleating the curtains, one breaks the sound waves and this creates a dampening effect.
The more pleated a curtain is, the better the dampening effect.

By lining the curtains you can achieve an even better dampening effect.
Use tightly woven curtains with a thermal lining.

In Roman shades the dampening effect is negligible because the shades have a flat surface.
Although there is some sound filter with in-between curtains, the effect is minimal.
The sound waves are not broken when the curtain is closed.

Curtains and insulating effect.

Thick curtains do not insulate.
Curtains with a thermal liner (select satin thermo ecru in the calculator next to the fabric), which are thin and tightly woven, do have this effect.
Just think of double glass or a cavity wall.
The air between the curtains stands still and thus isolates.
This gives a significant saving in the heating expenses.

The thermo satin lined curtains with molten inside is ideal for this purpose.

Curtains and static electricity.

Synthetic curtains made of polyester can become static through friction.
Dust will be more visible on dark curtains (for example black)
Dust is attracted through static electricity.
This is also reinforced if the room in which the curtains are hanging is too dry.
Much airing or, as my mother used to do, hanging a water bowl made of unglazed pottery on the radiator, will help.
Moisture evaporates better when using unglazed pottery instead of glazed pottery..
Use boiled water as it prevents calcification of the water bowl.

Plants also improve air humidity.

This does not cause problems when one hangs the curtains against a radiator.
This is because the potential difference nullifies the static electricity.
When the curtains are connected to a grounded object, you therefore do not get the problem of static curtains.

Bedroom tip: Dry air also causes snoring!

Wash curtains?

All natural curtains shrink! (e.g. cotton and linen).
Even if you have the curtains dry-cleaned, nobody gives you a guarantee..
But the more expensive curtains and polyester woven fabrics do not have this problem as much.
These are often sanforised (this is the process of making a fabric shrink-resistant).
100% polyester curtains do not shrink at 30 degrees Celsius. Be cautious when hot ironing.

Please do not leave your in-between or sheer curtains to spin dry for more than a short while, otherwise they will wrinkle.
Hanging them while wet is best.

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